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Cyber Playbook


The intent of this playbook started in an academic program that provided a base to start my career. However, it has grown past the academic setting and is now used to help develop my ability to transfer my knowledge and skills from academics into real-world contexts.

Professional playbooks are continuing to become more commonly shared withint the industry. They help preserve and share knowledge.

What is a Playbook

Playbooks are used by cybersecurity professionals to store or encapsulate knowledge on cybersecurity topics and tactics. The knowledge will be used again and again in the field to deal with situations as they arise. The idea is that you don’t want to wait until a challenging situation arises to have a plan; you want to already have potential mitigation strategies in your playbook that can help kickstart your process toward finding solutions.


Remember, playbooks should not be confused with typical portfolios. You will not be presenting your playbook to an employer or bringing it to an interview. However, it will prepare you to successfully present yourself and your knowledge when approaching an interview or when meeting with a key stakeholder about an issue that arose.

This Cyber Playbook is based off the SNHU Cyber Security course work. If you'd like to know more about the SNHU Cybersecurity Playbook, you can watch the video on YouTube .


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