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Crosscutting Concepts

Several crosscutting concepts are connected across knowledge areas and fundamental to a well-structured security mind-set. One way to use this template is to create and assign tags you can use to track these crosscutting concepts. You may choose to add additional tags to build additional functionality in your playbook. The recommended crosscutting tags are:

Vital Concepts

  • Confidentiality Rules that limit access to system data and information to authorized persons
  • Integrity Assurance that data and information are accurate and trustworthy
  • Availability Ensuring that data, information, and system are accessible

Other Approaches

  • Risk Potential for gain or loss
  • Adversarial Thinking A thinking process that considers the potential actions of the opposing force working against the desired result
  • Systems Thinking A thinking process that considers the interplay between social and technical constraints to enable assured operational and logistical processes