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The Premiere Network Source of Truth

NetBox is the source of truth for everything on your network, from physical components like power systems and cabling to virtual assets like IP addresses and VLANs. Network automation and monitoring tools draw from this authoritative plan to push out configurations and monitor changes across the enterprise.


  1. On Proxmox, create a new container utilizing the latest Debian release
  2. Update everything with apt and install git, docker, docker-compose, and containerd
    apt update && apt upgrade -y; apt autoclean -y; apt autoremove -y; apt install -y git docker docker-compose containerd
  3. Copy and paste the following into the terminal. While you wait for it to build and boot, update your firewall rules.

    git clone -b release
    cd netbox-docker
    tee docker-compose.override.yml <<EOF
    version: '3.4'
        - 8000:8080
    docker-compose pull
    docker-compose up

  4. Create your user to log in:

    docker-compose exec netbox /opt/netbox/netbox/ createsuperuser

  5. The whole application will be available after a few minutes. Open the URL in a web-browser. You should see the NetBox homepage.