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Installing AC-Hunter on Proxmox


RTFM First

The Procedure


This process will install Zeek, BeaKer, and AC-Hunter. I am running this on my home network to experiment with Zeek and AC-Hunter. See the link down below about the warning about capturing packets in a VM.


If you use the ubuntu-20.04-standard_20.04-1_amd64.tar.gz LXC CT Template, AC-Hunter will fail to start.

  1. Install Proxmox (this guide does not cover how to do that)
  2. Navigate to Proxmox's local -> ISO Images and download Ubuntu 20.04 to storage. You can find it here.
  3. Install OpenV Switch in Proxmox
    root@pve:~#  apt install -y openvswitch-switch
  4. Create an OVS vmbr and port
    a. In the Proxmox Network, create a new OVS Bridge and give it a vmbr name and ensure Autostart is selected
    b. In the Bridge ports section, select the physical interface ie. eno4
  5. In a Proxmox shell (replace the # with your vmbr name)
    root@pve:~# ovs-vsctl clear bridge vmbr# mirrors
  6. Create a new VM using the Ubuntu ISO with
    VM ID: <as applicable>
    Name: <zeek or whatever seems appropriate>
    Disk: 500GB
    CPU: 4 Cores
    RAM: 32GB (32768MB)
    Network: <appropriate Bridge> (this will be management)
  7. Open the new VM settings, create a new Network Device, and attach the vmbr to the second network interface then UNCHECK firewall
  8. Create a second VM using the Ubuntu ISO with
    VM ID: <as applicable>
    Name: <ACHunter or whatever seems appropriate>
    Disk: 500GB
    CPU: 8 (2 sockets, 4 Cores)
    RAM: 64GB (65536MB)
    Network: <appropriate Bridge> (this will be management)
  9. Start the AC-Hunter and Zeek VMs
  10. Update both systems
  11. This guide does not cover how to set up SSH, but you need to configure SSH for the two VMs to talk to each other. You will need to use ssh-keygen to make new SSH keys and ssh-copy-id to copy the keys to each of the servers. Ensure you can SSH into each other. NOTE I also suggest modifying your /etc/hosts file to include the IP address and hostname of the servers. Similar to the one below: zeek achunter
  12. In the Proxmox shell:
    In the commands below, the ip link | grep tap command will show all the interfaces, you're looking for a tap with the VM's ID in the interface. For example, if you have the Zeek container as VM 200, you'd look for tap200i1. The tap200i0 is the first interface for the management interface. You will replace that in the second command. You will also replace the # with the vmbr you created earlier. image
    root@pve:~# ip link | grep tap
    root@pve:~# ovs-vsctl --id=@p get port tap<VMID>i1 -- --id=@m create mirror name=span1 select-all=true output-port=@p -- set bridge vmbr# mirrors=@m
  13. Download the AC-Hunter tar file into the AC-Hunter VM
  14. Run the install script based on the Install Guide (see, told you to RTFM.)
    tar xvf *.tar
    cd achunter
    ./ zeek user@zeek achunter user@achunter beaker user@achunter


While installing, if you receive an error stating something along the lines of TypeError: kwargs_from_env() got an unexpected keyword argument 'ssl_version' you can reference a dude's workaround in Discord.

I ran into an error when installing AC Hunter CE on a fresh Ubuntu LTS system with Python 3.10.12, Docker version 24.07, and docker-compose version 1.29.2. The error occured at line 362 of local mongo_datasets=`./hunt run --rm db_client "db.getMongo().getDBNames()". The error was thrown by docker-compose, which was being called from the hunt bash script, so this issue could also be seen outside of the installation process.

The last part of the error is: File "/usr/local/lib/python3.10/dist-packages/compose/cli/", line 124, in docker_client kwargs = kwargs_from_env(environment=environment, ssl_version=tls_version) TypeError: kwargs_from_env() got an unexpected keyword argument 'ssl_version'

Workaround #1

Use older version of Docker / docker-compose.

Workaround #2

Need to edit 3 lines in /usr/local/lib/python3.10/dist-packages/compose/cli/ (make a backup first). Delete line 112 with ssl_version=tls_version. Also, remove the ending comma from line 111. Line 123 (line 124 in the unedited file), remove , ssl_version=tls_version.

The updated file should look like:

Lines 109 - 111:

        return TLSConfig(
            client_cert=client_cert, verify=verify, ca_cert=ca_cert,
            assert_hostname=False if skip_hostname_check else None

Line 123:

        kwargs = kwargs_from_env(environment=environment)

After this change, the installation of AC Hunter and Zeek will complete without errors. AC-Hunter CE is up and running.

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