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Website Links

Netbox Resources

  • netbox-docker repo
    The GitHub repository houses the components needed to build NetBox as a container. Images are built regularly using the code in that repository and are pushed to Docker Hub, and GitHub Container Registry.
  • netbox-topology-views repo
    Create topology views/maps from your devices in NetBox. The connections are based on the cables you created in NetBox.
  • netbox-ui-plugin repo
    A topology visualization plugin for NetBox powered by NextUI Toolkit.
  • ntmap repo
    Ntmap is a tool to visualize network topologies using Netbox as a data source.

Windows & Active Directory Resources

  • Creating an Active Directory Home Lab
    This tutorial covers segmenting your lab from the rest of your home network, Installing Windows Server 2019, Installing Active Directory, and then joining a Windows 10 workstation to a domain.

Kasm Resources

Snipe-IT Resources

Zeek/RITA/AC-Hunter Resources