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DNS Only





  1. Sign-up / Log into Cloudflare
  2. On Cloudflare, locate the Websites tab on left, click Add a site
  3. Enter your domain name
  4. Get the nameservers in the DNS settings
  5. Log into GoDaddy and update the nameservers with the Cloudflare NS records
  6. In Cloudflare, change all your records' Proxy status to DNS only
  7. Wait for all DNS caches to flush and NS update
  8. In Cloudflare, click your website, then choose SSL/TLS of the left
  9. On Overview, choose Full
  10. Go back to the DNS page and turn the CNAME records' Proxy status back to Proxied. DO NOT Proxy the IP address otherwise you'll break VPN
  11. Click SSL/TLS again and click Edge Certificates
  12. Enable Always Use HTPS and HSTS.
  13. Change Minimum TLS version to 1.2
  14. Go to Origin Server and Create Certificate
  15. Copy and paste the cert and key into a notepad for safe keeping
  16. Go into pfSense's Cert Manager and import the cert
  17. Go to HAProxy and change the frontend's cert to the new Origin Server Cert
  18. Go back to Cloudflare SSL/TLS Overview and select Full (strict)
  19. Go into the Origin Server settings and enable Authenticated Origin Pulls