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Installing Security Onion on Proxmox



I am running this on my home network to experiment with Security Onion. See the link down below about the warning about running capturing packets in a VM.

  1. Install Proxmox (this guide does not cover how to do that)
  2. Download the Security Onion ISO to Proxmox
  3. Install OpenV Switch in Proxmox
    root@pve:~#  apt install -y openvswitch-switch
  4. Create an OVS vmbr and port
    a. In the Proxmox Network, create a new OVS Bridge and give it a vmbr name and ensure Autostart is selected
    b. In the Bridge ports section, select the physical interface ie. eno4
  5. In a Proxmox shell (replace the # with your vmbr name)
    root@pve:~# ovs-vsctl clear bridge vmbr# mirrors
  6. Create a new VM with
    VM ID: <as applicable>
    Name: <SecOnion or whatever seems appropriate>
    Disk: 500GB
    CPU: 2 Sockets / 2 Cores
    RAM: 16GB (16384MB)
    Network: <appropriate Bridge> (this will be management)
  7. Open the new VM settings and attach the vmbr as a second network interface and UNCHECK firewall
  8. Start the VM and install Security Onion as a standalone
  9. In the Proxmox shell
    In the commands below, the ip link command will show all the interfaces, you're looking for a tap followed by the VM's ID. For example, if you have Security Onion as VM 101, you'd look for tap101i1. You will replace that in the second command. You will also replace the # with the vmbr you created earlier
    root@pve:~# ip link
    root@pve:~# ovs-vsctl --id=@p get port tap<VMID>i1 -- --id=@m create mirror name=span1 select-all=true output-port=@p -- set bridge vmbr# mirrors=@m